Construction Study and Planning

We are specialized in making different types of buildings, so our team is ready to implement the different construction techniques following the instructions of our project manager.

Restoration and reforms.

We are specialists in carrying out all types of restorations whether they are new buildings or old houses and masias, as well as carrying out all kinds of renovations that will make your home updated with the latest trends.

From design to delivery of the keys to your home.

We design and conceptualize your house together and build it from the foundations to the final finishing, we take care of everything and we integrate you in the process so you can see the construction of the house of your dreams until you receive your keys.






Our work starts with the capturing of the requirements and the analysis of that in order to make the planning with all the milestones, tasks and subtaks of the project.



Our architects and project managers create the design accomplishing the requirements of the customer and the technical specifications of the materials and structure.



The Building is the execution of the project like the development in a engineering project so is the part which requires more work, time and resources.



Once the building is done we have to test the work done in terms of quality and also in terms of usability integrating the customer in the process.

Creating luxury and effcient homes in Costa Brava since 2010

We are always searching the happiness of our customers building houses which becomes homes for all your live.